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We’re experiencing a crisis that demands our collective attention. Government cannot solve homelessness alone. Together, we have financial resources, available parcels, innovative technologies, and supportive services. What we lack is the collective will. This movement is an attempt to shake things up, think differently, and make a greater impact in all of our neighborhoods.

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Send us a potential location for a modular facility. A city, state or federally owned unused parcel. A site owned by a private developer or an underutilized property owned by the religious community, who own 801 parcels in San Francisco. There is land available and we are engaging you, the public, to help us identify potential sites. Bring together your neighbors, friends and colleagues and host a house party to discuss not only ways to develop such facilities, but together address how we can also support our unhoused neighbors once we transition individuals inside.

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Engage with Us

Get involved and become a necessary part of the solution. Help us build and expand the movement.

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Help us identify a potential temporary modular housing site, minimally an acre in size, about 3/4 the length of a football field.

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Help grow the movement by gathering with your friends, family, colleagues, and neighbors to learn more and get involved.


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Why Temporary Modular Housing

Only once people are safely off the streets with a shelter of their own can they get the additional assistance they need. Permanent housing is far less likely without temporary housing, so the crisis and number of people without homes grow. Temporary modular housing is faster and cheaper to build. We need community support to find locations and generate momentum.


LifeMoves-Redwood City, California

LifeMoves-Redwood City, California

Where Can These Units Live

San Francisco has land available for temporary, modular housing. What underutilized parcels have you seen in the city that can be repurposed for temporary, modular housing throughout San Francisco? We are looking for potential sites throughout the City. Parcels need to be flat and approximately an acre in size (¾ the length of a football field).

The City and County of San Francisco’s Homelessness and Supportive Housing (HSH) department has done a comprehensive study and determined the City needs 2,000 such units. A similar study conducted by the regional nonprofit organization All Home found the exact same conclusion. We are looking for 50 sites with geographic equity to house 2,000 of our unhoused neighbors so we can begin to truly turn the tide.


Who You Can Help

For years David struggled with homelessness until he was given a place to call his own. David’s exit from homelessness was facilitated by a new strategy to solve homelessness in our community: Transitional Supportive Housing with comprehensive onsite services. We can help more people like David. Listen to his story.

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Just like you, we’re saddened and frustrated by the seemingly overwhelming issue of homelessness in San Francisco. 2,000 Open Doors is actively engaged in helping to remedy the crisis.

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Do you have a question, a comment, or a solution? We need every possible tool at our disposal to make an impact. Homelessness has plagued our City for years, together we solve this.

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