Government and the nonprofit community cannot solve homelessness alone.
It takes a public movement to bring about meaningful change.


Temporary Modular Housing is part of the solution

Once people are safely off the streets with a shelter of their own, they can get the additional assistance they need. Temporary modular housing is faster and cheaper to build. We just need community support to find locations and generate momentum.


LifeMoves-Redwood City, California

How You Can Help

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Get involved and become a necessary part of the solution. Help us build and expand the movement.

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Suggest a Location

Help us identify a potential temporary modular housing site, minimally an acre in size, about 3/4 the length of a football field.

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Host a Community Conversation

Help grow the movement by gathering with your friends, family, colleagues, and neighbors to learn more and get involved.

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About Us

Just like you, we’re saddened and frustrated by the seemingly overwhelming issue of homelessness in San Francisco. 2,000 Open Doors is actively engaged in helping to remedy the crisis.

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Do you have a question, a comment, or a solution? We need every possible tool at our disposal to make an impact. Homelessness has plagued our City for years, together we solve this.

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Who You Can Help

For years David struggled with homelessness until he was given a place to call his own. David’s exit from homelessness was facilitated by a new strategy to solve homelessness in our community: temporary modular housing with comprehensive onsite services. We can help more people like David. Listen to his story.